• Springfield IL’s Trusted Pet Daycare Service

    Do you ever think about your pet while you’re away at work? Just sitting there, wondering when you’re coming back, that cute look on their face that you can’t resist. Why not take the guilt out of it and sign your pet up for daycare services that will benefit them and provide you the peace of mind you need to focus on the task at hand. At Dal Acres West Kennels, we provide daily and weekly daycare services for dogs and cats that allow them the freedom to roam as if they were at home! 

  • 7 Reasons to Put your Pet in Daycare

    1. Socialization Skills – Dogs and cats all need to socialize with humans and other pets to ensure they're happy animals. Pets grow when they have to learn how to get along with others.
    2. Energy – Ever notice your dog goes nuts when you get home? Yes, they’re happy to see you, but they’ve also been doing nothing all day – give them an outlet for that energy!
    3. Companionship – Your companion needs some companionship while you aren’t there – interaction with humans and other pets can keep your pet happier!
    4. Affordability – While you may not think so, daycare for a pet can actually be quite affordable, and it costs much less than sending a child to daycare.
    5. Bathroom Breaks – This way, your pet won’t have to wait until someone can come by to let them out, the bathroom is always at their disposal when they’re at daycare.
    6. New Environments – Get your dog out of the house. Even if it’s just for a day, it will do them good to spend a day somewhere other than your couch!
    7. New Friends – Not only will your dog or cat make friends, but you might also meet like-minded pet owners that add value to your life. 
  • Pet Daycare Prices

    • $15.00/Day
    • $60/Week
  • Please call our staff for more details about our pet daycare services!