• Springfield IL’s Most Trusted Pet Boarding Facility

    Every day, pet owners face the tough questions of what it is they’ll do with their pets if they go out of town. We love our pets, and it’s hard to leave them to just anyone, especially a neighbor that you may not know very well. Even if you know someone well enough, they may have emergencies or be otherwise unable to care for your pet. At Dal Acres, we’re making that choice an easy one with pet boarding services for dogs and cats that provide your pet with all the amenities it needs to ride out your absence in comfort.

    At Dal Acres, we understand that this separation can cause anxiety for owners and animals, alike. Our care is focused on creating a relaxing environment where the pet can feel at east and where you can always get in touch with someone who can update you on how they’re doing. Here are a few tips about our boarding services to help you decide if this is the right fit for your pet:

    • For safety, there is NO GROUP PLAY among dogs. Some may be able to handle it, but others become aggressive.
    • Playtime IS NOT included.
    • Play sessions are $3 per session and include 15 – 30 minutes of one-on-one play with your pet.
    • Food, toys, and bedding are welcome.
    • Purina Dog Chow will be provided if the pet’s own food is not provided.
    • New customers get 15% off boarding services.
    • Medicated dogs are welcome. 
  • Dog Boarding Services

    • Small Dogs - $20/Night
    • Medium Dogs - $20/Night
    • Large Dogs - $23/Night
    • Giant Dogs - $28/Night
    • Play Time - $3/Session, Up To 3 Sessions 
  • Dogs are kenneled in 4’ x 14’ run and would be let out to go potty and stretch their legs two times per day, plus any play sessions purchased by the owner. 

  • Cat Boarding Services

    • Cats - $17/Night
  • For just $17/ night, your cat can stay in our Kitty Kingdom that features all the climbing toys and scratching posts that your little feline could dream of. As long as cats are non-aggressive, they have free roam of the kitty Kingdom! Additionally, staff members roam in and out to play with and take care of the pets throughout the day, so there’s plenty of human interaction.